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"We strive to make efficient, beautiful products that are sustainable and satisfying to use"

Oops, we did it again...

Our Latest Build

Building off of what we learned from our Bamboo Onewheel Wall Mount, we are happy to now offer a Bamboo Bicycle Mount

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On the side, we make everything from transforming beds, to massive custom TV mounting arms, to 3D printers, to floating decks. We are excited to share all of the creations with you as they happen.

Below are some of our core competencies.

Where we excel..

Leland is a natural designer who started his own 3D printer company Bare3D and excels at bringing out of the box concepts to life.

James is a Mechanical Engineer with a Degree from University of Michigan, and experience working in fast pace robotics companies.

CNC Machining

We've got a mini mill we converted to CNC, and a 33x33" CNC router that we run for production and prototyping.

Mechanical Design

With a background in competitive robotics, we love to take mechanical systems from concept to production.

3D Printing

Currently, our shop is equipped with 2 BareXY FDM 3D printers (designed from the ground up by Leland). They run in temperature regulated enclosures for consistent quality.


Leland has expertise in TIG welding and we have the set-up on site for TIG welding projects.

Rapid Prototyping

Our specialty is creating at a fast pace. Need a functional prototype quickly? We can help.

Got a project? We'd love to work with you.

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