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Building Towards Sustainability

Sustainably sourced materials.

100% plastic free, recyclable packaging.

Carbon neutral shipping.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified Bamboo

Our wall mounts are made from FSC certified bamboo plywood. Bamboo is fast growing with average growth rates of 3-5 feet per year. It also absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen at 30% higher rates than trees making it an incredibly sustainable building material.

Plant Based Filament

All of our Charger Holsters are now 3D printed with a High Temperature PLA plastic. PLA is made from renewable materials such as corn. The filament is also wrapped on cardboard spools instead of the industry standard single use plastic, which is a huge win!

Responsible Packaging & Shipping

With the world's consumption moving towards e-commerce, we need to find a way to package and ship products responsibly. Below are some steps we are taking.

Recyclable and Plastic Free

All of your items are shipped in 100% plastic free, recyclable or compostable packaging.

Minimized Size

Increasing efficiency is one of the best ways to decrease environmental impact. Our latest Bamboo Wall Mount packs flat, reducing box size and packaging materials.

Carbon Offset Shipping

We purchase carbon offsets through Cloverly for every shipment we send out.